The training curriculum is fully comprehensive and covers the full matwork repertoire and all equipment in its entirety. You will learn the historical and contemporary exercises on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac / Trapeze, Chair, Barrels, Ped-o-Pull and auxiliary equipment (foamroller, circles, Correctors football, etc ...). The training also includes all the anatomy of movement, the history of the method, the philosophy of Joseph Pilates and teaching protocols of the method to make you more independent and insightful as possible in the middle of Pilates.
Discipline, perseverance and excellence are the values that we want you to evolve with during the training to be learning from the closest sources of the method. Lolita's Legacy is the only certified training on the market today that was created and is still led by a former certified student of Joseph Pilates which keeps the apprenticeship of the method and its the teaching method closest to Joseph Pilates' way, the creator.
Lolita wishes to teach students Joseph's method staying very respectful to the traditional way, the source of the Pilates method but also teach the more contemporary, scientifically based Pilates method of our times as clients needs and expectations have evolve. She feels that: "we have to know and honour Joseph's work and philosophy but we also need to continue to evolve and enhance the Pilates systems to today's and tomorrow's needs, so that the method will always suit the body that is in front of you for maximal benefits". She feels a huge responsibility in training open minded teachers that have real know-how of the method, outstanding teaching skills and unconditional passion for the Pilates system to ensure its continuing prosperous growth.

Training objectives

Lolita's Legacy™ training program has the primary goal of ensuring a superior teacher training program that goes beyond simple criteria requirements of multiple training schools today. Lolita doesn't wish to train as many teachers as possible but only train outstanding teachers. Therefor, her challenge was to create a unique training program that educates Pilates teachers who will acquire a high level of practical knowledge with a flawless understanding of the origin of the Pilates method and its future challenges. In addition to that Lolita and Iva, her French educator, emphasise a lot on the importance of developing outstanding teaching skills. All these goals are to be met to full fill Lolita's expectations.

Training passionate, competent and respectful Pilates teachers is their first priority. Passing on the integrity and the genius of the Pilates method is what Lolita's Legacy™ promotes by incorporating the integral learning of the original work with the contemporary work for a maximum of expertise.

Joseph Pilates was a genius by creating Pilates in its time and its combined heritage with the latest scientific research on movement, has allowed Lolita's Legacy™ to become one of the most respectful of the traditional method while opening the mind of every teacher to a more contemporary and more adapted method to today's expectations. Learn about all the anatomy and the theory of motion until the completion of each Pilates movement also knowing all the ways and means it will take to get there by knowing how to perfectly fit Pilates to the needs of your future students.

Joseph Pilates was over 50 years ahead of his time and we hope to do the same by having creating this unique international training program, helping you to turn into a timeless and evolved Pilates teacher.


Lolita's Legacy Training is organized as follows and takes place on a space of 14-18mois with training weekends provided every 6-8 weeks.

A total of 500 training hours of training from which 184 are direct contact hours with your mentor and everything is organized into four modules as follows:

  • Two 3-day weekends and a half.
    (Module Matwork: ground work)
  • Four 3-day weekends.
    (Module I and II devices introduction and intermediate levels)
  • A 4-day weekend.
    (Module III: culmination devices and complex movements)

In addition, students must complete:

  • 124 hours of observation in a fully equipped studio
  • 100 hours of personal practice
  • 92 hours as Assistant / Student Teacher
  • 6 hours of final exams'm monitoring of two jury


The training is organized in four parts as follows:

  1. Introduction to the methodology, anatomy and full matwork repertoire
  2. Module I (beginners movements on auxiliary apparatus and equipment)
  3. Module II (intermediate movements on auxiliary apparatus and equipment)
  4. Module III (complex movements on auxiliary apparatus and equipment)

Module Matwork

Two weekends of 3 days and a half, for a total of 56 hours of contact with your mentor

Ms. San Miguel Matwork repertoire is the basis for teaching her Pilates method because it remains the most accessible to all students. It certainly isn't the easiest but it is the most challenging one. This Module teaches over 80 Matwork movement that will prepare and condition your body to work on the floor with no help in order to perform with skill and grace all traditional movements of Joseph Pilates. Although traditionally the Matwork was designed by Joseph Pilates as the accomplishment of his technique, Lolita developed and integrated further movements into the the traditional work to enable your body to perform at its best ability.

In addition to repertoire, the module Matwork in Lolita's Legacy™ is accompanied by the following manuals, materials and further course topics:

  • Manual of "the Anatomy of Movement and Kinematic" created especially for the program by Dr. Aaron Spector.
  • Introduction and Overview of the Pilates method, which deals with the history of the creators of the method and the all "Elder Master Teachers".
  • Philosophy and Principles of Joseph Pilates and Ms. San Miguel.
  • Fundamentals, benefits and values of the Pilates practice.
  • A DVD of Ms. San Miguel's workshop on the history of Pilates filmed for Pilates Anytime including one month free subscription to Pilates Anytime.
  • Two Matwork repertoire DVDs taught by Ms. San Miguel in person.

Module I

Introduction to the Pilates equipment

Two weekends of 3 days, for a total of 48 hours of contact with your mentor

The second step in Lolita's Legacy™ training program is "Module I" that will introduce you to all the Pilates equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Ladder Barrel. Teachers will learn the most accessible repertoire for clients on equipment which will build up the strong foundation and all further movement that will require more full body integration. Your hands on teaching skills are starting to also be developed next to your cueing abilities as a teacher.

This Module I has a complete comprehensive manual and is accompanied by a DVD of Lolita teaching the exercises for this particular module for your personal practice.

Module II

Intermediate work on equipment and auxiliary small equipment

Two weekends of 3 days, for a total of 48 contact hours with your mentor

The third step in Lolita's Legacy™ training program is "Module II" that builds on the exercises in Module I on equipment. The repertoire taught covers intermediate to more advanced Pilates movements on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Ladder Barrel. Teachers will also be introduced to the exercises with the Spine Corrector, the Magic Circle, the Foamrollers and Bars.

This Module II has a complete comprehensive manual and is accompanied by a DVD of Lolita teaching all the exercises in this module for your personal practice.

Module III

A 4-day weekend, for a total of 32 contact hours with your mentor

The fourth stage of Lolita's Legacy™ training program is "Module III". It is the last stage of the student's progressive path to become a fully trained Pilates teacher to the complete Lolita's Legacy™ method. It builds on previous work and covers further advanced exercises to very complex exercises on equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Magic Circle, Foamrollers and bars. In addition to these full body movements the Ped-O-Pull will be introduced and small original equipment created by Joseph Pilates such as the Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector and Wrist strengthener will be covered.

This final Module III has a complete comprehensive manual and is accompanied by a DVD of Lolita teaching all the exercises in this module for your personal practice.

Students must complete each module in sequential order to ensure proper understanding of the method and its system. After completing the four modules, assessments and practice hours and only after receiving the passing score in the comprehensive final exam, will you receive a Full Certificate of Education of Lolita's Legacy™ signed by Lolita San Miguel and your educator. For further credits, know, that this certification is also recognised by the official association PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).